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The Mimmos New 4 song EP is Available now!

 listen and download here!


The Mimmos


The Mimmos are Berwyn Pennsylvania based husband and wife songwriting team, Amanda and Matt Caucci.  Matt started writing songs in the early 2000's with a computer and a Casio keyboard.  He called his first collection of songs "An Unhealthy Obsession With Vast and Empty Places," and called himself "The Mimos."  He imagined the songs as the soundtrack for a commodore 64 video game about alien abduction, mad scientists and  the mystery of the elusive giant squid.  Amanda is a graduate of Moore College of Art, a skilled visual artist, portrait painter, and Philadelphia public school art teacher.  They have long collaborated on artistic ventures, and started writing songs together about the aspects of their lives that were the most mysterious, and the most interesting.  In 2015 they tacked an extra 'M' onto Matt's old moniker and  became "The Mimmos."  Unintentionally, every song they write together somehow manages to reference the night sky, the ocean depths, and their shared fascination with the rare and elusive giant squid.