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The Mimmos


The Mimmos are Berwyn, Pennsylvania, based husband and wife songwriting team, Amanda and Matt Caucci.  Matt started writing songs in the early 2000's with a computer and a Yamaha keyboard.   Around this time Amanda was studying painting at a prestigious art college, and the two established a friendship based on mutual love for (and obsession with) the television show, Columbo.  At that time in their lives it was not very easy to find and watch every episode of Columbo, but they eventually did.   These days finding and watching old television shows has become fairly easy, and Matt and Amanda focus most of their time on writing songs.  


Amanda Caucci sings all the words

Matt Caucci plays most of the instruments

JJ Kuhar plays most of the drums




by The Mimmos

All songs by The Mimmos

(Amanda and Matt Caucci) ©2015
Amanda Caucci: vocals
Matt Caucci: guitars and keyboards, drums on The Rowboat
Jeremy Kuhar: drums on Come in Rover One, Speak Hands and A Fox in the Night